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WINKin by Kallimount
Premium Comfort Reliable Protection


Technical Features

  • BFE, PFE, VFE > 99.5% (over and above ASTM Level 3 requirements)
  • ASTM Level 2 (good for medical and hospital use)
  • EN14683 Type IIR (highest in EU standard)
  • ISO 14644-1 Class 8 clean room, made in factory at Kwun Tong, Hong Kong
  • Bioburden: 4.7 cfu/g (vs 30 cfu/g EU requirement, and vs 200 cfu/g HK Customs & Excise Department requirement). Our masks are close to no bacteria condition and far exceed the requirements by EU and HK Customs & Excise Department.

Comfort Features

  • Delta-P<4 (our masks are optimized for high breatheability)
  • Double-wire nose strip fitting
  • Ultimate skin care: perfect zero score on cytotoxicity, skin irritation and skin sensitisation in ISO 10993 tests.


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We’re accepting orders!

Each box contains 50 masks, individually wrapped, 5 per pack.
Family set of 6 boxes: $1,080.
Sharing set of 20 boxes: $3,360 ($168 / box).
Wholesale set of 40 boxes: $6,400 ($160 / box).

If you are an institutional purchaser and are interested in our masks, we're happy to taylor make an arrangement for you that suits your needs.

Full certification documents are available for inspection. Kindly email: hello@WINKin.hk